Screen Replacement WARRANTY


PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc provides a limited lifetime WARRANTY to protect your device against any defective parts which inadvertently may be installed. With this WARRANTY, a lifetime is defined as 2 years, which is the typical length of ownership of a mobile device. Under this WARRANTY, you agree to pay $49.99 for the labor charge to have your device repaired again to replace a defective part that may have been installed if after 30 days. This WARRANTY does not cover any of the following, including but not limited to damage or problems due to accidents, unusual or improper usage, water damage, normal wear & tear or damage due to wrongly performed self repairs. For example: a fall from a table causing the screen to crack, dropping device in water, inserting things improperly into device ports, an improperly inserted SIM card that causes damage to the SIM slot, etc. Having your device repaired may void your manufacturer's warranty or carrier insuranceOUR WARRANTY IS VOIDED IF ANY GLASS IS CHIPPED OR CRACKED, FOR ANY REASON. NO EXCEPTIONS. Refer to article below on how screens can sustain damage to avoid your screen from being damaged. **

PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc. reserves the right to utilize your device’s insurance if deemed necessary. We do charge for non-warranty repairs. 

An expert from PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc. will determine whether the repair is covered by our WARRANTY or not. The repair process typically takes between 1 hour, up to 2 business days or more from the time your device is received at our service center until it is ready to be picked up.

PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc. is not responsible for data loss and recommends backing up your device before repairs are made.

You are authorizing PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc to perform work on your device & understand that PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc is not a manufacturer authorized service center. Having your device repaired You agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc or any of it's companies from any claims or damages of any kind. You understand that PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc recommends backing up your data before repairs begin and that PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc is not responsible for data loss. PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc will not browse your device's data, however our technicians may inadvertently see data during the course of their work on your device. Any confidential data should be removed from the device prior to repair. Please decline service if you do not agree with any of these terms.

If your device is not functioning properly for whatever reason (screen cracked, charge port not working, etc) there may be other components within the device that have also sustained damage that are not revealed until the device comes back on. PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc will not take responsibility for faulty components not directly related to the repair we're performing.

Our lifetime WARRANTY is identified as the lifetime of a typical device payment plan (2 years) and does not cover ANY Glass damage, no exceptions. This includes LCD damage, chips, cracks and any other accidental damage whether dropped or otherwise. If the part we install does not fix your issue, we will diagnose your device further and retain $49.99 for labor in diagnosing your device.

PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair, Inc offers a 30 day return window in which to return unused, undamaged devices purchased or accessories still in packaging. A 10% Restocking fee will apply. 


General return policy on non-repair items

PhoneAxiom Express Device Repair offers a 30 day return window in which to return unused, undamaged accessories. A 10% Restocking fee will apply.

Causes of Cracks in a Touchscreen

Many of the newer models of cellular phones and mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android-model cellular phones and devices like the iPad or Kindle, have touch screens, allowing uses to simply touch the screen to interact with it. However, these touch screens are relatively sensitive and can be shattered or cracked in a number of ways. When this occurs, it can be very expensive to replace the touch screen so it is important to know how to keep this damage from occurring.


  • Dropping, throwing or sitting on the touch screen of a phone or mobile device can cause it to crack or shatter, rendering it useless or at least difficult to use. The earlier models of touch screen phones were particularly prone to this, as dropping them only a small distance could cause the screens to spider-web with cracks. While the newer models of these phones have stronger pieces of touch-screen glass, it is important to buy cases for the phones to ensure as much protection as possible from this type of damage.


  • A touch-screen phone in your pocket being pressed hard against something, such as a wall, a desk or a car door can cause it to crack. Having the phone in your pocket when you slip and fall on it can also cause it to break if it does not have a case. Having the phone in your backpack which is stepped on or thrown hard onto the floor can also cause it to break, as can keeping it in a checked bag on an airplane, which may have a number of other heavy bags piled on top of it. This is another reason buying a case for the phone is a good idea, as well as not putting it in situations where it will encounter large amounts of intense pressure.

Extreme Heat and Cold

  • Extreme heat and cold temperatures can cause the phone itself to contract and expand, possibly causing the touchscreen to crack and malfunction. While this is a rare scenario, as few people go from extreme heat to extreme cold with their touch-screen cell phones, it can happen in certain circumstances, such as someone who works in a laboratory walking out of a freezer into a heated room, or someone who is outside in subzero temperatures walking into a warm building.


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